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Church - Evangelical Worship Services

Church   | Iglesia Cristiana Nueva Jerusalen - Henderson,NV

When you walk through the door at our meetings, we will greet you with handshakes and smiles as our brother or sister in Christ. You will be able to join in with the church community by singing, clapping your hands, and worshiping in the Holy Spirit’s presence.

Our goal is for Iglesia Cristiana Nueva Jerusalen to show our love for God and our love for others in Henderson, NV and throughout the world. We want to introduce Jesus Christ as Lord to as many people as possible and help them develop quality relationships with Him through our group activities.

For years, members of Iglesia Cristiana Nueva Jerusalen have helped each other grow in faith and in closeness to Christ. As members of God’s family, we share our vision of spreading the Gospel and a commitment to living in accord with Biblical values.

Our church offers Evangelical worship services as well as Biblical counsel and pastoral advice. We aim to meet you where you are at and support you in your faith journey. Congregational prayer is very much stressed in our congregation.

We believe that all people are sinners, but people can be saved—by grace alone, through faith alone, in Christ alone. In saving us, God allows us to begin to obey him, making us secure in His grace. We do emphasize that a person must search or self for sin in their live based on the word of god and the leading of the Holy Spirit; repent and turned their lives around. This happened by putting their faith in Jesus and receiving his new (Holy Spirit).

How will more people find out about God’s grace? To Iglesia Cristiana Nueva Jerusalen, the church points the way that God fulfills his mission on earth. God has given us gifts of teaching, prophecy, pastoral service, and evangelism. He has called our church to share His gospel with all nations and to minister to the poor. We believe that every Christian needs to be involved in a church community of worship and service. Stop by today to join our family!